Decided rewrite Bureauit inner CRM and learn Ruby

We have inhouse CRM to manage clients. Our CRM can do next:

  • keep list of clients
  • show  clients debt
  • show details of what we did for client and how much it’s cost
  • show our balance on accounts and cash
  • employees salary data
  • partners program (adding new partners, auto adding bonuses for each client transaction which is assigned to the partner)

Our CRM is written in the Yii php Framework.

I need more options, like:

  • easy managing  works and receipts from clients with which we work on monthly billing.
  • better interface for analyzing data
  • public partners account

So, i decide made by my self on ruby.

Thanks Max Andreev, he give me the guide:

Well, I would if I taught everything anew, would do so:

  1. /levels/1/challenges/0
    Written above goes through one day – it’s a clean ruby and his knowledge helps to delve faster into the rails
  3. is a book, and it should be read. Volume for 2 weeks of reading (chapter per day)

Let’s start

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