Learn from my fail: late report to RosStat

Today I sent a report to RosStat (Federal State Statistics Service). 5th feb was a dead line – but I’ve procrastinated. Actually, it’s absurd – they could take data right from a Tax Servise and a Pension Funds, etc.

А report to RostStat is a five pages document with general information as average numbers of employers and annual revenue, etc.

The dumbest thing is – you can’t send it via Inet, you have to go to a post office and pay 2$ for mail service. Of cause, $2 doesn’t make me angry – but time-wasting obviously does!

All in all, I am angry with the report and with myself for what I send it on the wrong time.

One good thing from yesterday: I got my 1st lesson in b2b sales class, it helped me to understood several major errors.

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