Financial Statements of the Internet in Russia

This week I started preparing to pass Financial Statement via the Internet. At this point it looks easy.

First you should find organization which will serve yours electronic documents. I don’t need it because i already use accounting online service of which provides management services and delivery all of reports via the Internet.

Stop collecting tons of paper! Today you can pass Financial Statement via the Internet, right from your office.
As they told me to start passing the statement I need to got digital signature. It takes 3-5 days and does not require much efforts. I just need to sign a contract and letter of attorneyand pay 20 rubles for issuing an electronic key.

Online accounting service saves me 35 thousand rubles annually. I used to pay to my accountant 3000 rubles monthly, and now I pay 4600 rubles for online service in a year only.

Today I’m on a half of way to happiness. I notarize the letter of attorney in local tax office. There wasn’t any queue and it took only a few minutes.
I advise you to do your Financial Statement online. It’s easy and save your money.

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