Around the world – work and travel 50/50.

I have a blog since December 28, 2003,  then it was a blog on LiveJournal. The last few years i moved to a standalone blog –  The following months it will be about  my traveling that is about to begin.

The travel plan:

  • September 29, 2014 i going to go to world wide traveling:
  • September 29 – Krasnoyarsk
  • September 30 – Irkutsk
  • Oktober 1 – Seoul, South Korea, Seoul VK groupe
  • , it is under the fog of uncertainty: Honking, Tai, Bali, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, LA, Vancouver.


About money:

Now i have only 800$, tickets to Seoul and hostel for a month.

In journey i’m planing to continue working like i work home, in Krasnoyarsk as a Head of web-studio, project manager and lounching my start-ups: ХочуМайку.рф,, In this way i will have a money to continue the journey and also don’t be worry about my coming back. I’m planing grow my web-studio business and launching start-ups in cities i will visited thought the journey.

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